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Jess Harkin (jessiiclara)

Jess is a Galway-based multi-media artist, theatre maker, writer, director, producer and marketeer. 

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Her Story

Jess owes a lot of her experience to her time in Dramsoc & Galway University Musical Society (GUMS) during her B.A. in Performing Arts. It was here she got an abundance of opportunities working both on stage and backstage in shows such as Of Mice and Men, Autobahn, Witness for the Prosecution, The Box, and many more. Jess is an award winning Director and Movement Director who was chosen to go to the Irish Student Drama Awards in 2018 for her production of Carthaginians by Frank McGuinness and again in 2019 for her original show Rebirth where the show won two awards. Her training includes Viewpoints, Dance and Movement along with Embodiment. Since then, Jess has received her Master’s in Digital Media from the University of Galway, where she stepped into the world of multi-media, moulding her craft into an amalgamation of all her passion for theatre, technology, dance, design and music. Her artistic practice focuses on identity and communication within society. In particular, she investigates the human capacity for connection and communication through nuanced realms such as movement, sound, and gesture. She is the Creative Director of HystERia Theatre. She continues to work in the realm of PR and Marketing as Social Media Manager for Brú Theatre.


She is also the Content Manager for Irish Citylink, and recently received a Marketing Excellence Award at the Galway Chamber Awards. 

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