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A B-movie play that delves deep into 90s nostalgia and masterfully fits a square peg into the circle of life!

Debuted September 2023 at the Blue Note Bar, Galway for Culture Night 2023. Roisin Dubh in October 2023 and the Town Hall Theatre in December 2023. 

Get ready to delve into an experimental audio experience! I did WHAT!? is a work in progress that delves into the lives of young students in Galway City. 

NEXT: March 1st 2024.

Location: SECRET

(Don't worry, it is somewhere in Galway)

After captivating audiences with its debut performance at The Blue Note in Galway’s Westend on Culture Night 2023, Jezahel made its way to Galway’s Town Hall Theatre in December, and was a roaring success with a SOLD OUT show and standing ovation!

This production, written by Malachy Duggan and directed by Emily Aherne is not your average theatrical experience; it is a wild ride through the past, mixing laughter, memories, and the energy of a bygone era. With a B-movie concept 30 years in the making, it is a play that would have the legendary Roger Corman spinning in his grave – that is, if he were already six feet under.

This feature-length play delves deep into 90s nostalgia and masterfully fits a square peg into the circle of life, exploring the journey of a group of kids from the 90s who have grown old, left without a roadmap for their lives. 

Can a group of aging ravers defy the odds and stay up past their bedtime one more night to save the day?

Production Photos

Written by Malachy Duggan

Directed by Emily Aherne

Produced by Jezahel Productions & Hysteria Teatar

Jezahel Jess Harkin

The Narrator Jack Vaughan
Molly Eilish McCarthy
Mandy Tessa Croke
Phil Mark Dooley
Top Knot Sean Cameron
Disco Neal McHugh
The Young Wans Cassidy Farrelly, Melissa McDaid, Ethan Wilkinson, Conor O'Brien, LilyMay Healy
The Bouncer Enda McDuffie

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