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Mon, 05 December | Massimo Galway

Night of the Dark Lens

An interactive 1940 murder mystery event where even YOU could be the killer!

Night of the darklens graphic (1).png

7 PM | Massimo Galway

HystERia Teatar invites you to the second installation in our series, Nights of Mystery.

Time to pull your glad rags out as we get transported back to the 1940s, a time of movies, mischief and - murder?!

You have received an invitation from an anonymous sender to attend the "Dark Lens Studios" holiday party at Massimo. Naturally, you are delighted to be included on the exclusive guestlist for the famous film studio's soiree. But wait! Does danger lie beyond the lens? Is there a crime that needs YOUR help to solve? OR, are YOU involved IN the crime?

Someone is going to be murdered on the 5th of December... who could it be? 

Through entertaining scenes and flashbacks, you will have to solve the mystery by talking to the other guests and the studio crew to get the gossip from them. Don't be shy; search through the bar to find hints and clues to get closer to the answer. 

Prizes for the quickest detectives will be awarded on the night.


We have a selection of tickets available: 

  • General Admission tickets are €15.

  • Hollywood Sour VIP Tickets (include a specially made themed cocktail on the night*).

  • Kill or get Killed VIP Tickets (Become a part of the mystery! Be in with the chance to be a character within our story. Could you be the murderer?)

Once you buy your ticket, you will be sent an invitation to the party and a link via your email address. From there, you can sign up as a guest or become a character and be written into the story. You'll be sent a character profile to get to know your new role in this mystery.**

While the themed dress is encouraged, it's not enforced. Still, the studio costume designer will be in attendance with her piles of clothes, and you obviously aim to impress. Right? We are not responsible for any feather boas or pearls that may be thrown your way.

*over 18s event. non-alcoholic options available
** limited number of character roles available. 

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